Events & Announcements  

Stacey Posey and Rob Underwood are a part of the Moldova Mission Trip this year.  It is Feb. 20-March 1st.  Please remember them in prayer and if you can give, a donation would be welcomed.  Give to Stacey or Rob. 

To reserve the Fellowship Hall & Kitchen or Sanctuary, contact Teresa Gilliam at this number (229) 322-8345.  She has the forms you will need to fill out and she also collects the money.
Our Lottie Moon goal was $3,500.  We reached our goal with $3,601., thanks to all that gave.

Our Search Committee is Russ Clark, Stacey Posey, Earl Hamilton, Tina Moore, David Ethridge, Dawn Mayo, & Sandra Brock.  May God bless this Committee as they meet and consider a Pastor for our church.

Sign up for the IMPACT Summer Camp.  June 4th – 8th
See Justin Posey for DETAILS

We are taking a Love Offering for Richard & Kelly Burnette Laidlier’s expense in adopting a child.  Give as the Lord leads you.  Give your donation to Steve Hughes by Jan.14.  Make checks payable to Penia Baptist Church.

Jan. 14th:    Conference
Jan. 21st:    Fellowship & Refreshments
Jan. 26th:    Low Country Boil & Cake Auction
Jan. 28th:    Men’s Day
                   Council 5:00 p.m.
Jan. 31st:    NO FAMILY NIGHT
Feb. 1st:     Back Pack Buddies - WMU Ladies
Feb. 4th:     Brotherhood 8:00 a.m.
                   Deacon Meeting 5:00 p.m.
Feb. 5th:     Circle of Friends
Feb. 8th:     Back Pack Buddies - Circle of Friends
Feb. 11th:    OWLS Breakfast 8:30 a.m.


Jan. 14th  In lieu of flowers a donation to the building fund is being made by Rev. Jay Shingler, Harolene & Ms. Sybil Hill in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Jay Shingler, Sr., Mr. Harvey  Hill, & Mr. William Hill.

Jan. 21st:    Ms. Ilene Morrow

Jan. 28th:    Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Scarborough


Jan. 14th:    Sandra Brock
Jan. 21st:    Tracey Greene
Jan. 28th:    Nedra Scarborough


Jan. 14th:    Teresa Watson
Jan. 21st:    Dawn M. & Pam D.
Jan. 28th:    Tina Moore
Feb. 4th:      Patti Smith

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